What Happened Today in History

Discover significant historical events depicted in pics

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There used to be a show on TV just like that. Today it's an app:) Thank you Yusuf!
@basilfarraj Thanks! There is no remote history anymore :))
@demirciy Thanks for voting Freesist up as well ;-)
Events are chosen carefully, shows with its details(year, picture). You know what happened today anymore!
I do this often by just typing the date info wikipedia
@evankimbrell Wikipedia gives you all events. We choose special events for the app. Also, we have special pictures from history.
Great idea! I often ask myself what happened today before at key moments. I guess most people are more intrigued to know what happened at their birthday ๐Ÿ˜„
@jlehuraux Thanks! Our team is interested in history too, so we came up with this idea :)