What Email Service Should I Use?

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Bryan Harris
Picking out an email service is a giant pain in the butt. I get asked “What email service should I use?” all the time. Started noticing every time I got asked that question, I would ask them a series of questions back. Then filter that through my memory of what each email service is good at and what they suck at and give an answer. Figured making a han… See more
@angus_halen · Founder, Lyrical.me
I was quite excited by this until i got to the end and it appeared that i had to signup. I was VERY close to just closing the browser, but I opted to click the "no thanks, I don't want them" link and it then gave me my recommendation anyway. I would recommend making it clearer that you don't need to give your email address in order to get the recommendation… See more
Darren Moore
@darrenmoore488 · Co-Founder of QuickQuu and TweetPilot
Very slick! Would be quite handy to have a list of the services you're choosing between before you begin though. Still very cool though! 😎
Stuart of Vacord
@vacord · Founder, StartupResources.io
I'd love to know who I wasn't recommended to use, and what the differences are. I was curious to know who all was a possibility. Beautiful presentation though.
Bud Hennekes
@aboundlessworld · A Boundless World
Not only a cool idea... The execution is perfect. Was actually fun going through the process! This is gonna be super useful for many! Congrats Bryan and team.