Crowdsourced Storytelling

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I met @afkehaya and @anshulj10 at the Product Hunt Hackathon a few weeks ago where they built WeWrite. It's looking a little more polished since then. Here's a story that begins with "Product Hunt had a hackathon." :) This gives me flashbacks to Goosebumps' choose your own adventure series.
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing us! We launched yesterday on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/writing/... and have been getting great feedback. Really inspiring to build something at a hackathon and see it getting users. Feel free to give us feedback or ask any questions.
Thanks for the feature @raj_ventures, @rrhoover! This app was inspired by the traditional creative writing exercise of writing a line and then passing the story along to the next author. What we added is the ability to make the story branch, so that a single first line can develop into hundreds of different stories over time. Really exciting to get good feedback on the app - @afkehaya and I are stoked to answer any of your questions :)
@anshulj10 @rrhoover Anytime guys, loved seeing what you were building and had a brief talk with @afkehaya as well recently post-Hackathon!
The "and then..." story circle game and Choose Your Own Adventure books were fun gems of my childhood, so this is super cool to see, @afkehaya and @anshulj10. Would be fun to see this for groups, so that people could play the game / write together with people they know.
@tomng @anshulj10 Thanks for the feed back. We've thought about that and are planning to create those features. We are also working on creating categories, for example poetry, songs, science fiction, and even maybe screen writing. What are your thoughts?