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#WeRateDogs features the most heroic, over-the-top adorable, wildly successful, all-around entertaining dogs the world has ever seen.

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The DogfatherMaker@matt___nelson · WeRateDogs LLC
Hello! My book is in stores everywhere today! This entire journey has been an insane process, so feel free to ask any and all questions about it :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Great book. 13/10. When's the cat book coming out? *ducks*
The DogfatherMaker@matt___nelson · WeRateDogs LLC
@rrhoover careful Ryan... everyone knows what happened the last time we encountered a hater
Sam@ohsam · Coffee, cats, corgis and other cliches
SO excited to buy this book for all my friends! Are these dogs that have been previously rated or is this a whole new slate of the best dogs and captions around?
The DogfatherMaker@matt___nelson · WeRateDogs LLC
@ohsam Hey Sam! There are 190 dogs in the book. ~120 of them are never before seen. We did include some of your favorite dogs that have been featured over the last two years, that's where the other 70 come from :)
Anastasia@avmakesthings · VR Dev/ designer , San Francisco
So excited!