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Thanks a lot for the hunt Kevin :) We're super excited to share with the community our first ever chatbot eCommerce store builder. The idea behind the product is that building an online store today on platforms like Shopify is way too complicated for many people and there has to be a simpler way to get a website, link a payment solution and start selling online. Especially if you're just starting out and still need to validated your business idea. How it works: 1) Talk to chatbot that helps you put the website structure and design together. 2) Insert your products and other content and images. 3) Link your paypal and facebook pixel if you wanna do ads and choose your domain (either get through us or redirect the one you already own) and you’re good to go. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions and only for ProductHunt community we're offering 50% off from annual package. Just use "PRODUCTHUNT" promo code when chekcing out ;)
@juhankaarma Great product and onboarding Juhan! Asks all the right questions to build the site. Feels like a tailor-made website, great experience.
@arpanramtek Thanks so much Arpan. That's exactly the kind of experience we're trying to deliver :)
WEPS is awesome. I tried building a couple of sites on this, and it was very easy. Being a web-developer myself, this would save so much of time building websites, plus, even the people with 0 code knowledge would be able to build a site using WEPS. Well done guys!
@thekakkad Thanks so much Ronak! It's been a crazy journey building this product and we're just getting started :)
This seems interesting and i'll give it a shot. But can i see some example stores first? It would be helpfull to add them on your website. Thanks.
@cosminbaluta Hey, That's a great point! Thanks :) We'll add some example stores to our landing page! You can check out this sample store built with Weps: www.haloauto.co and you can also find several sample websites on www.getweps.com ;)
What a fantastic idea! Congrats on your launch! I was wondering: Which payment methods do you guys support?
@tompeham Thanks so much! We're superexcited about this as well :) Currently you can set up your store by linking it with your Paypal account since that's the easiest and fastest and will be sufficient in most of the cases. For the Weps service itself you can also pay with credit/debit card. We'll be adding more integrations as we go along :)
Love this idea, it's such a great use case for simply answering standardized questions from a well-designed chatbot, rather than wasting time configuring endless options in recursively nested menu screens ;) Congrats, guys, I'll be watching this with great interest!
@king_jaffy Thanks a lot Jason :) That's exactly the idea behind the product!