Create amazing memories with the most powerful video effects

WePop helps you to enhance your photos and videos with tons of sound-reactive effects to make your photos and videos so expressive that they don’t pass unnoticed. It uses an innovative technique already tested with our previous product BeatFlyer.
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Hi hunters and fellow bootstrappers! We’ve been busy porting BeatFlyer to a mobile form-factor with the hope to serve a broader and growing audience. Unfortunately today we are only launching the iOS version, but the Android version is already in the making ⏲ We just started and have many ideas for possible new effects using our technology, but it would still be great to get your valuable feedback. Please let us know what you think. Enjoy!
WePop is brilliant- great for anything from invites to memories. As a Canva user I found WePop a lot more easier to use with s great music vibe. Thank you WePop makers
It's like a dedicated version of TikTok's editor, looks great 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! Our effects are way more powerful and we are just at the beginning! 🚀
Creative, easy to use and stands out from the crowd nice job wepop👍
Already a big fan and user of BeatFlyer - will that project continue to be worked on, or is WePop the new iteration?
@jessicaelle Great question and thanks for your support! We called it differently because it's not simply a mobile version of BeatFlyer. It is focused on animating different type of content (photos & videos VS graphics) and on-the-go. I apologize if in the last few months BeatFlyer felt a bit left alone, now you know why, but as revenues are growing we are looking forward to invest more there. If you don't mind, I'll try to reach you privately so that you can help us choosing where to invest. Thanks again!
@nuthinking Very cool! Really glad you all are planning to keep BeatFlyer moving along - I don't mind to talk to you about my experiences using it either. Have been getting folks in my network interested in BeatFlyer as well (primarily DJs and promoters).
@jessicaelle I DMed you. Thanks!