The fastest and easiest way to share live video on mobile

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Weloop is an app we built for sharing live video. We think that capturing video and then uploading is an experience that can be improved on. With Weloop you capture + share in real-time. We think Weloop can be the Instagram of live video, let me know what you think! :)
@allany888 congrats on the launch. You're entering a pretty hot space with Meerkat and Periscope. What would you say are the benefits of your product over theirs?
@jmacias @allany888 Thank you Jaime. Meerkat/Periscope are more about broadcasting and "selfie" type streaming. With Weloop we want to apply the value of live streaming to your regular videos, content that you would normally capture with camera app or share via Instagram/Youtube. To differentiate from the competition, we are focusing more on content discovery, simple Instagram style interface, and letting users build up their library of videos that were once live to be shared again. Try it out!
@allany888 I love the idea of archiving and sharing live video that is interactive at the time of broadcast. Allan where are you guys based?
@eddiedaroza @allany888 Hi Eddie, we are based in New York City. You guys seem to be doing interesting things relating to video and social..