Personal health tracking is here!

Welltory 2.0 features a self-learning algorithm that adapts to your heartbeat.

With just a smartphone camera it shows:

how much you can expect to get done today,

how well your body copes with pressure and

how to recover so you can feel better tomorrow.

Try it and get in touch with your body!

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Hi Everyone! 🖖 Ready to usher in a new era of personal health tracking? 💥 Meet Welltory - a tool that lets people track their wellness and use data to feel great every day. We launched Welltory a year ago, based on publicly-available heart rate variability formulas developed by previous researchers. 🔬 We compiled 1.7M heart rate variability measurements, enriched them with data from health, fitness, and smart home apps, tested the results against clinical assessments, and worked on building new models. 6 months of research and development have yielded incredible results: we’ve created the world’s first self-learning algorithm for assessing people’s stress, energy, and overall wellness! 🎉 And we didn’t stop there. Aside from scores and numbers, the app also boasts thousands of AI-generated recommendations that take into account the user’s measurement results, their baseline state, individual differences, and more. Anybody can take health measurements with Welltory, no extra gadgets needed! So if you’re human, go ahead and try it now. If you’re not human 👽, give it a shot anyway. All you need is a smartphone. 📱 And of course, we’re celebrating our launch on PH by giving you a 30% discount on Welltory PRO: WELOVEPH The promocode is valid through December 27th. 🔥
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@ppravdin Hello Pavel, Thanks for the great product, I am checking it and excited about the capabilities of collecting and analyzing user data. I am working on my PhD research regarding user acceptance of wearables. My research aims to find the determinants of technology acceptance of wearable device usage for tracking health information. I would be happy if you can fill below survey and share with your network using any kind of wearable devices. I can also share the results with you if you leave your e-mail address: : If you can share this link with your user base, it would have a huge effect for my research. Best regards,
@tansup hey! looking forward for details of your research project, may you share it on LinkedIn DM? thanks!
@ppravdin , I've just sent you a brief message on LinkedIn. Regards,

I think it's great app for lot of people for using in real life. You can use Welltory for your family and control your habits. For example, if you have lot of stress or feel not good – you can change it in 3 month or faster. You can integrate lot of trackers and gadgets you use every day with all their data with this app. So i recommend you try it by yourself :)

If you want more proof for this app – take a look for review from Adley Stamp (she was on The Voice, guys!!) about this great app

Personally I think – this app is a HUGE BOMB for be healthy and learn lot about yourself!


Help me improve my habits


Need to learn more info about how it works

Overall, the team has built a great product that aims to help people improve their wellness by measuring the variability of heart rate. Delivering personalised recommendations based on real-time data is a challenging task and it would be really interesting to look deeper into their research and its' results. However the product looks and feels just great. Apple and Google should keep an eye on this product :)


Professional team that helps people improve their wellness


Need more research

Hi guys! I'm Jane, CTO & head of R&D at Welltory. Just a few comments about the science behind the app. We ran into the same problem all researchers who have ever worked with heart rate variability have come across: THE VARIABILITY IS TOO VARIABLE, making it difficult to standardize. The reason it’s so variable is that all of us are different, which means that heart rate variability is also different for us all. This is exactly why heart rate variability works best in fields like professional sports and space medicine. These are spheres where each person is so important that they require a personalized approach backed by individual analysis. Basically, a whole lab working on one person. Nobody has been able to come up with any mass market ranges because there was never enough data. And here’s the best part — we had enough data! I think we were the first people who were crazy enough to sort through millions of measurements and billions of data points backed with thousands of conversation with our users. We added some AI, data science, and voila! Use it for just 7 days, and you’ll be shocked at the kinds of insights you can get about your body and what it responds to. Thanks a bunch for your support!

Using this tool for the half year 👍. It helps to track energy and stress rates. Recommend it!


All-in-one body KPI tracking! Awesome design, huge list of integrations!


can't see any