Turn any surface into a smart interface

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@yourconnery · CEO of WonderLabs (switch-bot.com)
Fantastic! A perfect partner of our bot!
Simon Huang
@simon_huang · Xberts Founder & YC Alum
Welle is a smart device that instantly turns any surface into a smart controller using embedded Sonar and a highly sensitive touchless gesture control algorithm. It gives you the ability to use simple gestures to control your favorite hardware devices or software applications via Bluetooth. Nowadays, the interaction with functions/devices is limited to the … See more
Steven Huang
@steven_huang1 · Cofounder at Xberts.com, YC S16
It looks super cool. Can't wait to give it a try!
Peter Freeby
@peterfreeby · designer, curator
I really want one, but have some really specific questions about a couple things. Can it sense multiple fingers? Since it's sonar, does it still work properly if it's hidden behind another material? I'm thinking of having a beam labs (http://beamlabsinc.com) projector hidden in a can light in the ceiling and then having Welle either installed behind a wall… See more
Stephen Inoue
Very cool product. I question whether you can make it for the low price point listed, but think you are on to something. You'll need 3rd party support so I would look to hire an envangelist and make sure you have some interesting day 1 launch partners. A couple of key ones to look for: An established game that would benefit from surface touching as you watch… See more