Weld Action Blocks

Build web apps with drag & drop


Anton Johansson
@agaton · Swedish entrepreneur
Big ups for a really, really good product video as well! https://vimeo.com/165795630
Marcus Karoumi
@mkaroumi · Founder - AR/WE Sweden
As a Landing Page geek - I completely love Weld and the continuous development of the platform. Good job, Tom! 👍
Kaushal Vyas
@kaushalvyas010 · Product Manager; Entrepreneur
I've been using Weld since a few months now creating landing pages and have been impressed by the improvements they've been doing to the platform.. This new feature allows you to literally 'weld' blocks to make interactivity intuitive. It gets my vote!
Thomas Burgess
@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
I sense an aqui-hire coming... I'd love to see this picked up by a bigger company (like Google Domains) that could really take this to the next level and make it even more powerful. Great job guys.
Greg Gilbert
@gregoiregilbert · Founder, Blades.live
Tom and his team are launching today an additional product inside Weld. @tomsoderlund please tell us about it. How long did it take to build it? Why is it a game changer?