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This is really cool. I can see how this will convert LIKE CRAZYPANTS.
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@pjrvs You my friend are crazypants. Yea, we are seeing triple the conversion of anything we've ever built. Ps. Click the link above from ProductHunt for a special example =)
Monstrously successful for me. Better than any other email opt-in tool I've used. And it was made with love by some handsome-ass gentlemen.
@tommygriffith Tommy. You are one of the most gorgeous SEO people , ahem anyone, I know from online!
This is pretty slick. Love how the "no thanks" option is clear and not hidden, and how scrolling down simply eliminates the welcome mat.
@timjahn Thanks Tim. The page is super customizable, you can add gifs, videos and upload unlimited images to the media gallery to use.
Loving how simple the design is. It's direct without being intrusive or insulting to the sense. :) Really dig it. Hope to give it a try soon!
@shannnonb Blush. Thanks Shannon (:
I am in love with Welcome mat! Highest conversion rate ever for growing my email list on my blog