Collects, packages and ships your goods (UK Only)

Just add the order to your Weengs dashboard seamlessly, through one of our many available integrations (including eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce & Squarespace) or you can do it manually and we'll come pick up your items.

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8 Reviews5.0/5

They help ecommerce businesses get goods to customers. They integrate with all major online store platforms and offer tech support with APIs, they aggregate volumes so merchants get better rates from shipping carriers, they include packing and packaging materials.


Provides access to large-scale logistics to small and medium sized merchants, great customer supprt. Makes order fulfilment seamless.


Only available for collections in London for the time being (but ships worldwide).

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Please come to the US so you can replace Shyp!
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@jacqvon interesting, I always envied Shyp from over here! Is it not as good as it looks?
@solomon_teach Shyp was great. I used it a bunch, but unfortunately they weren't making a profit and had to shut down.
@craftedpixelz Ah thanks for clearing that up, hadn't even realised! That's a shame, was such a perfect product.
@solomon_teach Yeah I loved it, but good to know there's an alternative if I move back to the UK!
Great job !! 😊 Looking for this to come to India ,would be great