Planner, tasks & habits.

WeDo is your second brain for remembering everything in your life. Keep track of habits, bills, groceries, movies, shows, homework, classes, trips, events, and more all for free. With WeDo's intuitive planner and minimalist ui, it's never been easier to keep things off your mind and let you focus stress free.

Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @rrhoover, @bentossell from PH for helping us out! We are WeDo, a social to-do list app that enables you and the people in your life to get things done. Our vision from the start has been to create an app that mimics how we handle tasks in the real world...and we believe that communication is a major part of that. For example: my girlfriend will text me to “pick up some wine for the dinner party” or my roommate will ask me to “go to grocery store” this week. As a result of these conversations, an action item is formed, and we wanted to give you the ability to that right within WeDo. We also believe that a to-do list app needs to be the following: - Beautiful - Simple - Collaborative - Ubiquitous Finally, reminders are very important. But we’ve learned that most users don’t set reminders for most of their tasks. As a result, we are working on new type of reminder that gets smarter as you and others use the product. Notifications need to relevant and through what we call “Smart Reminders,” you’ll get just that! We’ve chosen iOS as our first platform. We’re currently in our Beta. For the first 1000 people that download our app ( and use the invite code ph1000, you’ll get the app for Free for life...and you’ll also get instant access! Looking forward to chatting with everyone! - @raadmobrem and @spshulem
@raadmobrem What a neat tool, definitely gona give it a shot! I watched @rrhoover open your gift on Facebook, so thoughtful of your team, he seemed to really appreciate them!
@dilyaraskar @rrhoover thanks! Send us feedback as you use the product. And yes, be good to others...makes for a better world :)
I've seen the video of their presentation at the Launch Festival. Really interesting concept! Glad to see these guys on PH now. I'm gonna give it a try now I guess.
@eminienes Thanks Enes! You're going to love it!!
Just downloaded the app and plan on using it for wedding planning since my fiancé and I have a lot of tasks we need to get done together! Was pretty easy to invite her to my tribe and start creating to do's. Will be interesting to see if this helps us get stuff done more quickly and easily.
@daperzer Fantastic! We're so excited to learn how it works out for you.
@raadmobrem can you share more of your vision for reminders? I see you can create deadlines and reminders, but what happens when a deadline is missed?
@daperzer we'd be giving our secret sauce away lol! Reminders are so important and there's a lot that we can do to make them relevant (and not annoying). Crowdsourcing task data + location data + individual user behavior can help us fine tune reminders quite a bit. Plus some other cool stuff ;) Re a missed deadline, just wait and's going to be next level.
I'm naturally skeptical of new To-Do apps, but I like what Raad and his team at WeDo have done here. Should be an especially nice way to coordinate tasks with housemates! I'm in!
@ericlongmartin Thanks man! Would love your feedback as you use it!
Beautiful design. This is what I wanted to Wunderlist or Asana to be for me. But they're too bloated for personal group To-Dos. One suggestion: make the screenshots on your home page bigger so I don't have to go to the App Store to figure out what it does and how it looks. :)
@joshuapinter Thanks Joshua!! Yeah, completely agree. While we have the utmost respect for Wunderlist and Asana, all of here wished of having a product that would enable us to: - track our own tasks - track the tasks of others that are close to us - chat with those people if needed, about anything...not just tasks - be super simple to use + aesthetically pleasing to the eye Since we couldn't find a product like that...we designed and built WeDo :) Re the screenshot...are you referring to our website ( If so, we will have an updated site in the near future...and it will tell a wonderful story! Thanks again!!
@raadmobrem Great stuff Raad. And yes, the current website has screenshots that are very very small so you have to go to the App Store to see what it actually does. But I'm sure you've got a new version in the works!