Realtime polling over social media

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Love the name. Wedgies recently added native tumblr support, giving visitors the opportunity to engage directly in their dashboard. Smart.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! I love seeing comments from Tumblr users that are amazed when their Wedgies polls show up in their dashboard instead of being a grey box. There are also some nice tricks you can use with animated GIFs in a Wedgies poll that make them show up on the Tumblr Dashboard with autoplay.
Jimmy from Wedgies here. Glad to answer any questions. Including how we scored the domain Also happy to hear any feedback the community here has. And as a teaser, here is our next feature that is in soft launch with Twitter.
@jimmyjacobson this is awesome. I didn't know you could embed polls like this on Twitter. I need to catch up. I bet we could do some creative things with Product Hunt.
@rrhoover This is a brand new integration that Wedgies is powering in partnership with Twitter. It's in limited release right now but would love to talk about getting ProductHunt into the beta.
@jimmyjacobson that would be fantastic. I think we can make a great case study. :) cc @buster
@rrhoover hey ryan you can do it with Yopine can also poll a room (or larger) by pinning the poll on the wifi signal (no login required).
@jimmyjacobson could you talk about using wedgies / realtime polling in content marketing?
@smalter great question, Walter. We view surveys as a unique piece of content - and not just the question, the results too. For every question we create an image of the results and you can use that image to create follow up content to your original question. You can see how Pantene used the results of a poll as a piece of realtime marketing content during the Oscars here: For your company, asking a question and then following up with your audience with the results of a poll is a great way to start leveraging survey as content.
At Tech Cocktail, we were looking for a way to poll our audience (via online and sms at events) in a flexible format that'd increase engagement and preferably not get gamed. Wedgies made that easy and were great to work with.
oh nice! Good to see Wedgies on here - super simple polls and easy to embed anywhere - use it quite often :)