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WeChat's Slack competitor arrives in China

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This product isn't likely to be a competitor to Slack at all. If you look at the way products in China work, they are simply "competitors" in China and no other region. You can't call it competition when the other options are blocked. Lots of examples of this: Facebook (开心网 人人网), Youtube(优酷), Google(百度). Slack won't be any different here, it'll just be blocked in China so that Chinese can conduct their own business with their own software, their own servers, and control their own data. Countries outside of China will likely never use Business WeChat.
@kurtybot see if you can get a community version for us on SSG. Thanks. Also agree with you that Bernie Sanders rocks. 🇺🇸
@kurtybot Slack is already blocked here! 👋 So it will definitely eclipse Slack-on-VPN. And China's huge - so this will be a huge product. Just downloaded and going to try it out today.
@suparchie good to know Archie. Let's connect good to know good people in China. In LA but spent time in Beijing.
@charlesjo great place to talk about Bernie Sanders bro! :P If America becomes socialist sorta like China, Slack may be blocked, which would mean your entire SSG community wouldn't exist. Something to think about....
@suparchie for the record Archie, I mean it's not likely to be an *international* competitor. Of course, probably within the first week it will blow away Slack *only* in China. Slack is blocked and you can only access on a VPN, pretty easy to predict.
via @DannyProl: 700M+ MAU
Use WeChat instead of Slack for work in company setting. Interesting to see a move in this direction.
@tylerh We use both here. The WeChat experience on mobile is much faster and more reliable than Slack.
If you can't read the characters on the landing page then check out the press announcement on Tech In Asia :)
@bentossell and here's a Q&A with the team behind the app as well (english-speaking folks, activate Google translate).
@bentossell I also don't mind translating if anybody is really interested how it works.
Another important thing about this app is that it isn't likely to work in America. It doesn't work for me at all. It uses a phone number to verify you, you can select America but it won't verify the number correctly. This is a really common problem for Chinese apps. I have also tried logging in with WeChat social login but that didn't work. Seriously not trying to complain, this is a super common problem with Chinese apps, not surprised at all.
@kurtybot Yeah, as I said only intended for China at the moment. On the same subject, I've had US sites with so called international support fail completely on me because they assume that all phone numbers are in US format or all Provinces/States/Counties have a two character abbreviation. Insular thinking is not just a Chinese failing.