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Hey, folks! Writer of "Websites that Convert" here 👋 Big thanks to @nikkielizdemere for the love! Some backstory behind the book: I wrote it specifically for founders who've built something great, but who struggle to convey in writing how awesome their product is (a problem I've seen a lot of founders face during my time working in SaaS). I run LoveYourCustomers.co, and was previously Director of Marketing at Calendly. I love helping founders and early-stage teams get inside their users' heads to create better marketing. Happy to answer any questions, or just say hello!
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Update: THANKS everyone so much for upvoting + downloading the book! As of 12pm April 27, it's #1 on two Amazon Kindle lists, which is pretty insane. I'll add screenshots to the image gallery above.
@clairesuellen @nikkielizdemere ... compelled and ordered. THANK YOU for your generosity.
@jimcanto Absolutely :) Really hope it's helpful!
The book is available FREE from 4/27 - 5/1. This one-sitting read covers the fundamentals of creating website messaging + copy that transforms visitors into customers. Once you’ve finished this book, you’ll know the basics of: - How to create a strong, goal-based website strategy - How to identify which pages of your site are mission critical, and which you can put on the back burner for later (or cut completely) - How to get inside your customers’ — or future customers’ — heads, and understand what they really need to hear to sign up for your product - How to scour the internet for sticky, swipe-worthy website copy — so you don’t have to write from scratch or guess what words to use - How to actually talk to your customers 1:1 — not near as intimidating as it sounds! - How to distill all your customer research into the messages your target audience is dying to hear - How to write website copy that makes people say “WHOA — I need to buy this.”
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@nikkielizdemere Hey Nichole, broken link ;)
@ailith Thanks so much for letting me know! Here's the book. Getting the link updated soon.
Already read this book, already REALLY dig this book. Great job Claire! 👌
@pjrvs ❤️ 💥 💞 🎉
I sell info-products, but a lot of the way I sell info-products is very SaaS-like. Are there lessons I could take away to improve my info-product site, or is this super-focused on SaaS?
@joshdoody Good question. Much of what's covered also works for info-products. You'll come across lots of discussion around "sign-ins" and "free trial period," etc. (very SaaS-y), but the research methods, the value proposition chapter, and several other chapters are very applicable to positioning and selling info-products.
@clairesuellen Excellent, thanks for clarifying! Just downloaded from Amazon and can't wait to dig in!
This is truly awesome! Well done @clairesuellen!
@liatwaser Thanks so much! 💞