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Hey Product Hunters, So thrilled to be hunted! We built WebSite Auditor for site owners and marketers to help them see and assess their website the way search engines do. The tool crawls any site you specify, quickly puts up an overview of SEO, UX, and technical factors (like unavailable pages, redirect chains, mobile usability, broken links and images, and a few dozen others 😏), and points out which aspects can be improved and how. WebSite Auditor is a truly comprehensive crawler. Unlike other SEO spiders, it digs through all the unobvious places where links may hide (HTTP headers, scripts, CSS files, and the like), and follows those links to find pages and resources the site’s owner may not even be aware of - pretty much like Google does. It can also crawl and audit any site, regardless of what it’s built on (JavaScript rendering is supported as well). Check it out, let us know what you think, and please help us spread the crawler love! **Free license for Product Hunters** All Product Hunt users can get a 1-month Enterprise-level WebSite Auditor license (the best we have!) for free. To get your free license, simply jump to this page: http://www.link-assistant.com/we...
I used SEO PowerSuite a lot in the past when working on SEO projects. Auditor was one of the tools in the suite. It was helpful for discovering where a website can be improved. I also learned a lot about SEO just by using it and reading their blogs. :)
@roks0n good to hear that! WebSite Auditor is a whole new tool now - it's been rebuilt from scratch and can now crawl and analyze any kind of a resource found online. Hope you'll enjoy the update - please do let me know what you think when you try it :)
I used WebSite Auditor for my work https://www.producthunt.com/post... and to be honest I was very skeptical as many platforms exaggerate the importance of some issues in order to use their services and here I saw everything organized! Thanks!

I love SEO PowerSuite and Website Auditor is a key piece of that package. This is one of my first tools to process a website when I am doing SEO for a client. It gives you a good baseline and overview of what to fix in the technical side of a website. The single page reports help refine the onpage SEO and the reports are great!



Tons of data!!


the license update scheme, but, makes sense for them to make $

Really a handy tool for those who want to improve their website. But still, the best way to do that is analysing some other successful websites. You can get the source code using website downloader, look at every aspect and copy the best features to your website.