Find protests and invite your friends

Hey everyone! After Trump’s inauguration, there was a palpable tension and energy in New York City. People were (and are) taking to the streets in force to express their concerns over the new administration’s actions. We experienced this first hand and struggled to find comprehensive calendars of protests. As a result, we created WeBot to help bring passionate people together. WeBot helps you discover nearby, upcoming protests and reminds you before they happen. If you aren’t the type who likes to take to the streets, you can contribute by simply sharing WeBot and raising awareness of the upcoming events in your community. WeBot can also help you find protests in major cities across the world. For a bit more information on WeBot’s story, you can check out Mashable’s article on us: mashable.com/2017/02/08/facebook-bot-trump-protests-webot Thank you @ajt for hunting us!
How are protests added to the platform? Is this also partisan? So far all I see is anti-Trump protests.
@jameskoole right now we are sourcing protests from organizers and groups engaged in their communities, services aggregating protests in specific areas, and simply searching Facebook's events. While most protests are anti-Trump at the moment, we are open to supporting other causes!
@jameskoole it's because Trump supporters have jobs and more productive things to do than protest and dye their hair pink in their parents basement
Happy to be on PH, thanks @ajt 😄