Weblium 2.0.

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#2 Product of the WeekJanuary 16, 2019

Get ready to alternative reality where website building is as easy as pie🥧


🤖AI Design Supervisor adjusts your design automatically

🏗500+ ready-made blocks & templates

🎨UI Kit is applied in one click

🚀Super fast engine that makes fast websites

📱Responsive to all devices

👨‍💻Backed up by humans

  • Stan Coneman
    Stan ConemanPassionate IT marketer and growth hacker

    Fast and flawless website creation


    Could have more templates

    I've been waiting for a tool where I can make a GOOD website myself for eternity. The problem with most of them is that you still need some skills in web design to make something worthwhile. Weblium seems very intuitive + helps you with the design (like color schemes and fonts) so even I managed to make a decent landing page without turning to webmasters. Good job!

    Stan Coneman has used this product for one day.
  • Arthur Fedorenko
    Arthur FedorenkoEntrepreneur and HR

    Super easy-to-use and intuitive.


    Doesn't have e-commerce module

    I've been using Weblium for several months and these guys are real geeks. The work that they do is just something incredible. I don't need to hire a designer and developer anymore to make some changes – I AM BOTH here. And I really feel myself as a boss and creator, not a rookie. The tool is definitely one of the best on a market. I've used a bunch of other sitebuilders but all of them got so many irritating drawbacks, so I changed one after another. Now I don't need to go further. Everything is in one place and works crystal clear.

    However, it still a bit rough around the edges and doesn't have a e-commerce option. But guys say that they will develop it shortly.

    I make on Weblium career websites for different companies, landings for events and other promo pages.

    Arthur Fedorenko has used this product for one month.
Hey folks, We've launched Weblium.com as do-it-yourself website building platform. Before we created over 800+ websites in 6 months as web studio, but lots of our customers requested a do-it-yourself way and asked for a tool to build a site on their own. We were ready to provide the tool technically but not morally. The reason was simple - when you give unlimited freedom in website building to non-professionals, they normally create shitty-looking websites and blame your tool at the end of the day :) So we took another 6 months trying to locate the solution - and finally found it. We called it AI Design Supervisor. It's AI robot-designer that watches what you do and instantly fixes your designer mistakes, like ugly fonts combinations, wrong colors, incorrect paddings. With AI Design Supervisor our users have started to create beautiful websites without drill down and deep learning of what a good design is. Old website builders make you stick to one template as a base and the only one option. At Weblium you can use any block from any template and it will be automatically adjusted to your current design choice by AI Design Supervisor. Go and take a look by yourself: https://www.weblium.com and vote if you like it. It is completely free to try. You need to pay only and when you love what you’ve done. Agencies and multiple website-owners will have wholesale pricing. All PH community members get 50% OFF for PRO subscription with coupon: PRODUCTHUNTER-50, once it is activated before Feb 1, 2019.
It is really very simple to use. Really superlative to others on market now. Bit raw, but it is thoroughly new technology.
@igor_korolenko thanks a lot. We do our best. I agree about raw AI a bit, but we need more data (websites) to make it more accurate.
Love this website builder. ❤️I was managed to create a simple landing page within 20-25 minutes. Normally that process took me 2-3 days with my designer. I have just a couple of questions to you, guys: - how can I remove Weblium branded tab at the top pf my website? - do you have monthly subscription?
@hilechka Thanks for the feedback Viki. You can upgrade your website to Pro plan in order to remove Weblium branded tab. Sure, you can pay for the Pro subscription monthly or annually.
Tried it yesterday for my upcoming event website - works great. Thanks for the discount - very timely 🙂
@dmitriy_komarovskiy Thanks Dmitriy! Please, share your feedback when you're done with your website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
This product is really what current market and a potential customer needs. From now one, you won't make a shitty-site — the system helps you avoiding any screwing up on it. Definitely recommend this tool!
@fedorenkoart Thank you for such a feedback. It's just a beginning of a new approach in website building.