Web interface for OmniFocus tasks

webfocus.io is a web app that allows you to finally access your OmniFocus tasks on the web. Loving your Mac/iOS setup but having to use Windows at work? That's the product for you ➡️

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Hey PH! I'm a long-time OmniFocus user and GTD follower. While Mac & iOS is my daily environment, every now and then I found myself in situations where I had to use Windows / Ubuntu. Not having easy access to quickly add something to my inbox or look something up, was rather frustrating. Being a web developer I thought - here's a crazy idea, how about making it work on the web? As I dug around more, I found it was one of the most popular requests on OmniGroup forum with the official message being "not in the near future". Welp. After initial prototype that proved it's technically possible, I decided it's a side-project worth pursuing. As it's just a one-man shop, it's clear it can't be a "full" solution with all the features OmniFocus provides. I've chosen the most important (and most requested) things and steadily improve on it. Notes are coming! Hit me up if you have any feedback or questions!
Haha this is awesome!!! Great job! 👏🏼
Accidentally found Webfocus when looking for a replacement for OmniFocus. Adam, you're my hero.

Works as expected, it's a lean Webview of the Omnifocus database with a lot of editing functionality and attributes


Web Access to Omnifocus is great if only a Windows PC is available


Unfortunately custom perspectives aren't available + 2018 Omnigroup will offer an own Websolution for Omnifocus