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Hey everyone! I’m Sergie, co-founder of Webflow in charge of design, and I led the creation of Webflow University and the revamp of our education content over this past year. We’re launching Webflow University here on Product Hunt because these new (free!) courses teach the fundamentals of web design, and we’re hoping that they can serve as a great new resource for anyone looking to get started designing and building websites. Since we got started in 2013, we’ve been driven by a mission to make designing and building for the web more accessible for everyone — regardless of their coding experience — and from graphic designers turned web designers to students in university classrooms, we’ve seen Webflow play a powerful role in those efforts. And so to further that mission, Webflow University reflects our ongoing efforts to play a central role in educating the next generation of web designers. We’re hoping you find these videos useful, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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@thesergie Thanks for that Sergie! I know I'll be sending lots of people to this great resource.
@thesergie Crushing it my friend. Just binge watched all of these.
@ransegall @switmer77 Thanks guys! Glad it's helpful!
You guys at webflow are just awesome. Everything seems so well thought out and the UX/UI is always perfectly on point. All the things that you've built around your core product could actually be successful products on their own. I'm truly inspired by the tremendous amount of quality work. I've even built my front-end design business around (and because of) webflow. Some thoughts on the university: You could add courses about how to build a business with webflow or how to structure the client/agency process when using webflow or how webflow can fit in a full-stack project. Having said that, keep up the great work! ...and don't loose sight of our wishlist! 😇
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Congrats guys, the content looks amazing, this is gonna help a lot of starting (Webflow) designers out there! 🔥
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Been a massive fan of Webflow since it first launched - By far the best in class for web design and has remained so since it launched. It's also helped me learn a lot about how HTML and CSS should be structured and the various workarounds - I'm excited to dive into the videos and see what else I can learn from these guys. With that said, as Webflow grows, I feel like one of the initial value propositions is being eroded: Webflow exports very usable code and this was a great differentiation against tools like Dreamweaver. I'm working on exported code now and it feels quite messy - It would be great to see more content on how to work with exported codes and integrate Webflow builds into the rest of a webapp's stack (How about Export to Jade? :D)
@nilefrater making it easy for designers _and_ developers to work together is what we're after @webflowapp 👯‍♂️
Webflow is closing in as being a standards for many young and upcoming designers. With this extension and all the hard work around it, it will be. I have been a huge fan of this software, really excited to explore!
@tayler2412 Thanks Tayler!!