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Hey Product Hunt! If you've ever tried to build anything with CSS, you know how annoying it can be to get even the basics right. There have been entire blog posts written on something as simple as centering an element vertically, and entire books written on how to write code to get basic layouts to work. Thankfully, the people who define web standards have come up with something to solve most of our CSS problems — it's called CSS Flexbox, and it has nearly universal support across all modern browsers. However, it's so complicated that even most seasoned developers have to have a cheatsheet open to look up the right code syntax for specific layout settings. Well, we thought this was a terrible way for creative people to utilize the power of flexbox, so we created a totally visual flexbox UI and built it into Webflow. Our approach looks and feels a lot more like Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch-inspired alignment and distribution buttons than a long list code properties that you have to remember. Also, we created this game to help you visually learn the concepts used by flexbox: https://www.flexboxgame.com/ — I bet you can't pass level 28 :P We'd love to hear your feedback on both the product and the game, and we'll be hanging out here all day. Cheers, Vlad
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@callmevlad Love this! I'm now immersed in the tech world here in San Francisco, and I really abhor the notion that I'd have to learn how to write code again in order to make great looking products! Can't wait to try out your game :)
@callmevlad The game is such a brilliant way to introduce people to the (incredible) power of flexbox.
@zackbloom @callmevlad It really is. I wish more tutorials were games!
I am fond of Webflow products, mainly because I dont have to feel shit about not knowing how to code at any meaningful level (e.g. none)
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@bentossell Thanks for hunting this! And don't worry, the day is coming where you'll be just as powerful as a frontend developer, it's only a matter of time :)
And to think, just 2 weeks ago I was at An Event Apart conference where they said that learning how to use flexbox over the next YEAR would make you a certifiable web wizard genius...
I'm pretty damn floored with the unbelievable progress of Webflow. Keep up the great work fellas!
@mattblackpageux Thanks for the kind words Matt!
Slick Vlad! Integrating the game as a way of introducing the product before sign-up is a subtle touch I can appreciate! It's an on-boarding strategy I expect to catch on.