A customizable web dashboard for your web projects

#2 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2018

Webdash helps you visualize, monitor & manage your web project right in the browser using community-driven plugins

Webdash is open source, which means you can create your own custom plugins in Webdash.

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I'm not entirely sure how it works. For example "Stay on top of your installed packages and visualize your node dependencies.". Is that on my desktop, my server? Does it run with admin privileges to be able to install scripts?
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@pupeno Thanks for checking it out! "Stay on top of your installed packages and visualize your node dependencies." this is just one of the plugins available for Webdash However you can run webdash wherever you decide. It runs locally, so you need to have the repo installed and install webdash inside of it as a dev dependency as explained in the Get started section on https://webdash.xyz
Great contribution @jadjoubran, for those wanting more open source dashboard options I would look at Cyclotron, it's a very accessible and well documented SPA app.
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Tried to use it but it doesn't work on Windows :disappointed: Anyway great UI
Hey @frenchie_m! Can you please open an issue on Github? Also make sure that you've got `node` at least version 8 It should work on windows, so if it doesn't after updating node, let me know!
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Great job!😊