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Benj Merritt
Benj MerrittMakerPro@benjmerritt · CEO @ ItsAlive Chatbot Solutions
Hi All, We believe a lot of people can't come to Lisbon for the WebSummit but still want to discover all the great startups that will be exhibiting. This bot has two main purposes : - For people who can't attend : Discover all the great Startups by country and industry exhibiting at WebSummit 2016. - For the happy few (53 000) who will attend : discover all the great speakers and get notified when the talks you like start ! It's also a way to showcase how a ChatBot can be useful and become a tool for people who want to "hunt" startups. The best way to navigate is to use it as a "MiniApp" through the menu and discover startups from specific countries or industries. You'll then have the startup team, the day they exhibit at websummit, the website and social links. You can also see the great speakers that will do talks and subscribe to get notified 10mins before the talk actually starts. Here are a few tips if you want to play with keywords : - A startup name (show people & infos) Ex : itsalive, producthunt, spendesk - A startup theme / industry Ex : Social Media, VR, AI, SaaS - A speaker (show his talks) Ex : Ryan Hoover, Robert Scoble - A country (show startups) Ex : France, Portugal, Spain - A conference stage (show talks) Ex : PandaConf, CenterStage - A websummit exhibitor (show startup details) Please feel free to AMA ! We are still improving keywords so please feedback ! Cheers, @benjmerritt , @linardbenoit & @matpreau
Edward Maslaveckas
Edward Maslaveckas@ed_masl · Co founder
@benjmerritt @linardbenoit @matpreau Looks really cool, will give it a go :)
Benj Merritt
Benj MerrittMakerPro@benjmerritt · CEO @ ItsAlive Chatbot Solutions
@ed_masl great ! Let me know if you have questions or feedback ! We'll be introducing soon the tool we used to build it ;)