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The Weave team had a a bit of fun these past weeks putting together a project to analyze your networking progress the past year. I'm currently ranked 8. I'm sure that's gonna decrease as more ProductHunters jump on. :) Here's my report: https://weave.in/networking-repo...# We think you’ll have fun analyzing your own network. Give it a try and share how you rank + what you think.
I'm ranked 11 with 52 introductions received last year. Guess I gotta work harder this year! https://weave.in/networking-repo... Here's reports for a couple other people on the team: * @elpizoch: https://weave.in/networking-repo... * @laurenleenews: https://weave.in/networking-repo... It'll be fun to write a follow up post with aggregated data on how much networking people do.
Loving it. Super cool analysis, had a lot of fun reading through my own.
@sydney_liu_sl How'd you do Sydney? :)