Weather or Not

Beautiful weather app that integrates with your calendar

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Hey guys! Ben here from Weather or Not. @andrewlittmann and I created the app because we care deeply about design, products, and user experience. There's a lot of awesome weather apps out there, but all of them report the weather data, they don't relate it to you. We spent a lot of time considering how we could create a weather app that is visually intuitive so that you can see how the weather affects you instead of having to interpret weather numbers. To accomplish this we created a beautiful 7day minute-to-minute weather graph and paired it with a calendar that shows the weather for your iOS calendar events. You can also schedule notifications to remind you of a specific event's forecast. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you have any questions about the app, the design, or the the process we went through in creating it.
@lisbakke Awesome work Ben! Just left a 5-star review. This is the best weather app I've ever used. Amazing combination of unique design with features that actually add value. Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!
@imakestrides Thanks a lot, Kyle, it means a lot! Thanks for your support, we'll try to keep earning it :)
The dayparting view of weather is useful. In some places in SF, it can drop 25 degrees (F) from the day's high. In related news, prepare for tonight's storm, Bay Area neighbors.
@rrhoover Yeah! The 7 day graph view makes it easy to see how the weather is changing over the day/week.... I use it to know roughly what time are the highs/lows for the day. We're hoping to add weather warnings soon for the really bad storms.
I'm a huge fan of this app. It visualizes the weather in a really beautiful and intuitive way. It's the first weather app i've actually enjoyed using.
@lisbakke, can we get you on here to answer some questions about how you guys came up with the design?
Gorgeous design. Nice work @lisbakke
@KristoferTM Thanks! @andrewlittmann does awesome work. We're hoping to find continued traction so we can double down on the product and take the design, animations and interactions to another level, as well as put out an iPad version.