WeAreLATech for iPhone

Add any LA startup event to your calendar in one swipe

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I'm super proud to have been involved in creating this app because I need what it does too!!! I love how fast and easy we can now know what's going on in this city for startups and quickly add LA tech event to our personal calendar. So dope! Thank you @IraHerman for being an incredible developer and teammate! It's exciting we got to use Ionic so as we were building for iPhone the Android process (currently in private beta) was seamless too. This app was built from a place of passion. I'm grateful we have such a wonderful community to be a part of.
Thanks @espreedevora. I really believe in what you're doing with WeAreLATech and our mission with the app: Connecting the LA Tech scene through a central place where we can all see and share community announcements, startup and tech events, and jobs. I'm happy that people are finding it useful.
@espreedevora I've never seen someone so passionate about their community. Well done! (and @IraHerman too!)
This is the app the LA tech community has been waiting for! As the community has grown over the years, some of the tools we used to use to stay connected have fallen by the wayside. WeAreLATech can replace all of them with one slick app that makes it easy to fill our business and social calendars. Thank you @WeAreLATech! Thank you @EspreeDevora & @IraHerman! :-)
Awesome work on this app. It's helped me get connected to the amazing LA tech community. I've been at awesome events, met some great people and advanced my career thanks to this community. Now it's even easier with this app on my phone. Thanks @espreedevora and @iraherman
Great app! If you are following Silicon Beach, it's a must have! Espree always goes full throttle!
Espree and gang you rock!!!!