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Congratulations on the launch, team! Happy Wealthsimple customer right here! Curious to learn what's new in the US product (compared to the Canadian account) and how you went about creating it.
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@darynakulya thank you for the kind words, and very glad to hear you're happy with our Canadian service! along with now being available to clients in all 50 US states, we have also launched support for America-specific tax-sheltered savings accounts: IRAs and Roth IRAs. recently, we've also debuted a new premium service called Wealthsimple Black for clients that have more than $100k invested with us (the airport lounges are my favorite part). here's more info in a blog post from this morning: https://www.wealthsimple.com/en-...
Huge fan of Wealth simple, amazing company and team, excited to see what comes next
love the sign up experience. nice work y'all.
@alexadelman thank you, Alex! one of our goals is to streamline the process of creating an investment account (like a Roth IRA) as much as humanly possible. the faster you can create an account, the sooner you can start investing. and we don't like paperwork :)
Love WealthSimple, been using it for a year and have saved a bunch of $ in fees. The app is great, the support team is amazing. If you want to get started and get $10,000 managed for free (instead of their regular $5,000) use this link: http://wsim.co/f1ayfwx (full discolsure: I will also get $5k managed free) WIn/Win/Win
@ajaymehta Loved what you guys are building. Any plan for SEA launch?
@misbahspeaks thank you Misbah! I initially responded thinking you meant Seattle, but on second look you might mean Southeast Asia? so sorry about that. we'd love to get there someday, but right now we have a "waiting list" on the site with no immediate plans. please sign up with your desired country, and we will notify you if it's on the horizon!
@ajaymehta Looking forward to hop on a quick call sometime soon to understand this better.