Digital business card and relationship management


>we (More Than We) is a digital business card that makes it simple and effective to organise the people you meet. Add location, a note and groups to each new connection, whilst sharing one of multiple profiles and then getting reminders to follow up.

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Armin Talić
Tobias Theil
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  • Armin Talić
    Armin TalićCommercial Director, Komodo Digital

    Does the basic things very well, with a slick UI. The unyielding focus on diversity, culture and ethics from the founder is admirable.


    A few bugs... That's totally OK.

    It's a conversation starter and a far more personal way of sharing contact details. Train yourself to use this app when ever you want to create a connection with someone new. Keep a close eye on >We.

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  • Pros: 

    no idea


    iOS only

    Pet peeve of mine, but a networking app with no Android presence doesn't make sense. How do you network with Android users? I always see launches with one iOS as being early launches that don't make sense. Sure, if it's a hardware thing like AR - fair enough. I get iOS is easier to develop for and there's plenty of iOS users, but for a networking app you gotta have both operating systems covered.

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  • Pros: 

    I stopped using business cards + following up with people got much easier + most people are impressed of this smart way to connect 🤜🏽🤛🏿


    Tagging but that just got released 😊

    If the app stopped working today i would definitely miss it. It made it to my homescreen and I can’t wait to play around with the new features! Give it a try and never worry about business cards again!

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  • Shaun Tollerton
    Shaun TollertonSenior Product Designer at Deliveroo

    Simple way to add and keep track of people you've met.


    Wish I could manually pick a location for where I met someone (useful for adding someone after the fact).

    I love being able to organize all the people I've made real, authentic connections with (especially useful at meetups and conferences). What I'd love next is for the product to help make me aware of how diverse my network is currently and what steps I can make to improve that mix.

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  • Nina Stepanov
    Nina Stepanov@techstars // @fituniversity

    Easy to use, great UI, No more cards


    Location can be janky

    I was very vocal about finding a solution to having to ever use business cards and after finding >we I can confidently say my problems are completely solved. It's such an amazing experience and does exactly all the things I want it to do. I don't need to or want to carry or hold onto anyone's business cards and it's a great conversation starter with folks.

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  • Calvin Ewing
    Calvin EwingHead of Entertainment, Media Circus Ltd

    It’s awesome


    None that I’ve found.

    Carl is a genius

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