Digital business card and relationship management

>we (More Than We) is a digital business card that makes it simple and effective to organise the people you meet. Add location, a note and groups to each new connection, whilst sharing one of multiple profiles and then getting reminders to follow up.

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Hey folks! Some of you might think we look familiar - and you're probably right! We launched last year as 'Ping', which led to us being one of the most successful product launches of February 2017 and getting a nomination for mobile app of the year in the Golden Kitty Awards! For this big 2.0 update we're launching our major rebrand and a tonne of new features that push us more intentionally towards our vision of becoming your indispensable relationship management platform. You can read about some of these new updates here: https://medium.com/morethanwe/wh... Excited to be bringing this new update to the community that has done so much for us since launch, so looking forward to further reading your thoughts and feedback! Carl
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@carlmartin love the look of this and the 'values' page is awesome – here's to more startups that care about building an inclusive and equitable future 👏👏👏
@carlmartin wow, saw the update few days ago - great one!!! Three quick questions: 1) What’s the benefit of the usernames? I don’t seem to understand the purpose behind it, tried searching usernames, doesn’t help unless you have saved a contact already 2) Is there a way to customize the email and subject that people would receive, so we can make the content more personal 3) Would like to see a personal profile page with features from addme or connsuite (both are amazing) - great for networking and building relationships 4) When are you planning to launch the Android app? 5) What advance features have you planned to make it the go-to app for personal CRM and networking?
@jonnym1ller Thanks Jonny :) You're gonna like where we're going!
@adithya Hey Adithya - thanks for taking the time! Some answers for you: 1) If you meet another >we user, typing in their (hopefully) short username is quicker than an email. Our attempt at removing some of the friction. 2) You can customise the opening note of the email - just head into 'Edit Role' in Edit Profile. Sadly can't customise the email subject...yet. 3) Will look into these! thanks for sharing! 4) We are slap bang in the middle of fundraising right now, and once we've got the money in the bank we'll be building out for Android. 5) This year we'll launch 2 major new features - integrations and introductions - which we believe will radically change how people use the product. We wrote something on this you might find interesting ) https://medium.com/morethanwe/ou...
This is so exciting! I've really enjoyed watching your journey so far as a friend and fan 😻. I admire the fact you're not just building a value-adding product for a new age of work but also creating a brand which stands for all the things I care about like empathy and inclusion. What new features are you most excited about with the latest release? @carlmartin @rializer
@rializer @abadesi Thanks Aba :) For me groups is a total game changer. I've always wanted to better organise my network but never been a tool that makes it simple to do. Throw in some emojis with group names and it makes it look dope too :)
sooooooooooooooooooooooo purple!

It's a conversation starter and a far more personal way of sharing contact details. Train yourself to use this app when ever you want to create a connection with someone new. Keep a close eye on >We.


Does the basic things very well, with a slick UI. The unyielding focus on diversity, culture and ethics from the founder is admirable.


A few bugs... That's totally OK.

Congratulations on 2.0 both product and brand, very exciting! The update looks amazing 😺 I'm curious to hear a bit more about the "vision of becoming your indispensable relationship management platform" what does that mean for you, the company and product?
@rikkekoblauch Thank you Rikke! Basically I think technology has made us more connected, but not better connected. We want to build products that prioritise humanity over technology. We wrote this about 'democratising relationship building' that goes a little deeper! https://medium.com/morethanwe/de...