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Hey Everyone! In September of 2018, I wrote a post that included tips for being successful as a freelancer. Having done it myself for many years, I felt I had some valuable knowledge to share. In the post, I included relevant tools and resources that may be helpful to freelancers along their journey. Tools to help you — as a freelancer — to manage your business, keep track of your time, and invoice. Resources to help you learn, improve, get better at running a freelancing business, scope projects, and figure out how and what to charge. As I started to hear from people, I realized that the tools and resources turned out to be some of the most valuable content in the post. I took the natural next step and turned the blog post into a Website, collecting all these valuable assets as well as new ones, and showcasing them under one roof. My goal with We Freelancing is to showcase the best content, tools, and resources to help you become a better freelancer and run a better business. Enjoy and please feel free to make recommendations!
Very cool. Nice work @jesseddy!
@dylanbrendan Thank you, Dylan!
Nice idea, Thanks!
Good. Wish you good iterations 😇