Listen to music together

On we:fm you listen to music together, at the same time, with friends. Connect your Spotify account, find your friends, and listen. While listening together in the same station, you can chat, save songs and more!

It’s cool to listen together: knowing the others in the stations are listening to the exact same part of the song.

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I wanted to use but no android app, and there is no a way to use it thru web site or something else... just apple store.


Looks good.


No android app, No web app

Thank you so much! Android and web app (as well as Apple Music) have been massively requested already. We're on it and hope to get those in ASAP. It's going to take a bit of time though, we want to do it right :)
I’ve been playing with the beta this past month. I like the simplicity although it misses some of the playfulness and presence found in turntable.fm. Eager to play with it more though. 🕺🏼

About 90% of the market is unable to use this. Please consider going cross-platform.


The concept and design seems nice


No Android app, no web version.

We are definitely expanding asap. Thank you :)
Really impressed by this app. The app was built by 3 students doing Symbolic Systems and Computer Science at Stanford. I've been looking for an app like this for a while already and it seems like this might be the solution for listening to music together with friends and discovering new music.
@matthijs_soest Thanks for sharing we:fm here! Much appreciated. We started we:fm over a year ago and have been testing it in a closed beta here on Stanford's campus for a while. Once we reached good product stability and daily active users, we decided to release the app, which we did yesterday! We love, love, love building this and using it with our friends. It's exciting to welcome new faces in the app. We'll be expanding functionality massively and would love to hear from you! Happy listening!
Awesome! Needed this so much last year I almost built it myself :)
@vpiskunov Love it! Excited to release more updates with cool features.