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Integrate your affiliate sales data in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and more on wecantrack.com.
Gain full insights with affiliate sales data attributed to traffic data and scale up your marketing campaigns!
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Hi everyone, I am Sirio, co-founder of We Can Track. We are excited to present to you our new affiliate sales tracking and integration software. It is an easy one time installation and no maintenance is necessary. Affiliate publishers use our tool to become less dependent of SEO and test new traffic channels. With We Can Track it is easy to see how your marketing campaigns are performing. You can even automate bid and budget adjustments due to our affiliate sales data integration features. Let's face it, affiliate marketing is becoming harder nowadays and affiliate publishers need to optimise conversion rates in order to increase revenue and reduce costs. With our tool you will easily find our what works and what doesn't and shift your focus on the things that generate sales. Through our product hunt post you can get a free 2 month trial! Just give us a visit and let us know that you came from here. :) If you have questions, drop them in a comment below and we will be happy to answer them.
Amazing! I always thought this would be super difficult with a big IT impact to get it done. But this looks like a plug and play solution!
@luc_van_der_blij thank you for your comment! Yes, we tried to keep the installation work as simple and short as possible so that also affiliate publishers with no technical background can install our tool. :)
This looks quite powerful! So I can track how my ads are performing up to the sale on the webshops I’m advertising for? And the shops don’t need to install or do anything right?
@jackinthebox78 Hi Jack, thanks for your comment! Yes indeed, the sales data is attributed to the traffic data, thus you can track how your campaigns, ads, keywords, landing pages, webshops, network accounts, users (basically all dimensions available in Google Analytics for example) are performing. You can also make use of Google's and Facebook's machine learning and automated bid strategies. You don't need to do anything on the advertiser side to get it working. All you need to do is connect your affiliate network accounts through API credentials and place our JavaScript tag on your site. If you cloak your affiliate links a small extra step is necessary.