Git analytics tool (2019) version 1.9

The fast & visual way to understand your developers. Waydev analyse your codebase from Github, Gitlab, Azure DevOps & Bitbucket to help you bring out the best in your engineers work and increase their productivity.

Check out our V2 - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/waydev-2-0-1

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Hello Product Hunt!!! Happy New Year! 🎉 Thanks for the hunt, @__tosh. Great to be back on here. At the previous launch, we've received a lot of feedback regarding our solution, we've processed the feedback, and we're excited to kick off 2019 by launching our new product. The new dashboard gives you an overview of your work so you can check the health or see correlations across your commits. New Dashboard & New Metrics - We've come with and a new design for the dashboard and also we've added new metrics like: Impact - Hardness of edits to the codebase, as compared to previous work. New work - New code that does not replace other code. Legacy refactor - Code that updates or edits old code (>21 days). Churn code - Code which is rewritten or deleted shortly after being written(<21 days). Help others - Code where a developer modifies someone else’s work. New Work log - We've come with a feature where you can zoom in intro commits, each day you can check your teamwork. And many more (Public project, Team input, Merge developers, etc.) I would be thrilled to know your feedback. Without feedback from the PH community, we were not able to arrive here. Thank you ❤️ @jmbarry, @akislaopodis, @savelii, @vladcalus, @cturlica, @moritzplassnig, @jgrahamthomas, @denistodirica, @dragosbulugean, @ricardo_ghekiere, @kkarafiat, @maephisto, @ovinegrean, @anna_martirosyan, @tom_van_den_heuvel, @babken_karapetyan, @davidsmooke, @stapho_thienpont, @leobassam, @marcojelli, @jacob_dmi, @tpalmer, @micahsmith, @kirkgsworld, @peterbell, @woodardj, @hhaandr, @anton_ushakov, @nickell, @mikegehard, @haschivivianne, @yagiz
Measuring and showing creative productivity is tough and reporting is tedious. At the same time managers and other stake holders sometimes can get uneasy if they don't know what's going on. Interesting space and challenge.
Great team behind a great product. Good luck !
Looks great! Any Plans for AWS Code Commit?
@bharathkeshav Soon we will be integrated with any Git. Now we have only Github, Bitbucket & Gitlab.
@alex_circei Thanks. Can't wait for that!
Hello from group 129 🖐 Waydev great product for developer teams and leads!
@nicetr Thank you very much! Good luck with Juphy