The development analytics tool for non-technical founders

#5 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2018

Waydev is designed to help non-technical founders understand and manage the work of your developers. The tool is cost effective and simple to use.

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  • Alin BProduct, Marketing & Biz Dev

    For a non-tech manager, it gives an overview of your development teams' work


    Might be seen as micro-management by devs

    In the entrepreneurial age, devs are the lifeblood of all projects.

    Problem is that non-technical founders or managers have little to no control over them.

    Having met 10s of founders with failed projects due to complicated circumstances with their outsourced dev teams, this simple tool gives an overview of their work so you can basically sleep better at night and focus on growing the business.

    Alin B has used this product for one month.
  • Kirk GrayEngineering Leader



    Horrible way to measure effectiveness

    LOC was a bad way to measure productivity in the 90s. It's gotten no better. This creates all kind of bad incentives for engineers. Number of commits has nothing to do with number of quality commits that delivered customer value.

    Kirk Gray has never used this product.


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Tristan PollockHunterHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Waydev is designed to help non-technical founders understand and manage the work of your developers. You can access the detailed reports on your tablet or smartphone and at a glance you can see how much progress is being made and where the major roadblocks remain. Because it is designed for non-technical founders (like myself), you can still keep your project on track, even if you don’t know the details behind each specific line of code.
James Barry@jmbarry
This tool is a throwback to the 80's and 90's. Measuring lines of code and commits does not work. It usually leads to bloated code . Usually in the 90's it meant that instead of writing some neat quick routine, you would cut and paste some crap that you found that did the same thing, but had 3x the lines of code. So you looked better. As a developer I would write extra long code (usually slower and less effective) to get my code lines up. As far as commits, my best developer commits a couple of times a week as he wants to noodle on it and make it better. depending on your coding culture this could stifle good code writing. Frequent commits is a way of getting code out quickly, not necessarily getting good code out. Think of the paper at school where it had to be 10 pages. You wrote a great 8 page paper that hit the mark. You would then fill in crap to make it the 10 pages. Same here. Horrible metrics for measuring developers. IMHO
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
@jmbarry Hey James! First of all, thank you for taking the time writing this comment. 20 years ago you didn't have all the code in GIT and was almost impossible to track your developers based on their activity. For sure, also Google can be manipulated and fake your stats, but we will try to combat that. In the Impact metric, we consider the following: (1) The highest chunk of activity you did in the past, (2) The average activity of a developer based on our research and (3) The behavior of your activity in the last weeks. We don't track the performance; we measure the activity of a team. For the current moment, we're targeting non-technical founders who work with remote developers where you don't know anything about them, and from now on you will be able to track them - week by week. What do you say to give us a try and tell us if we're relevant? https://app.waydev.co/register
James Barry@jmbarry
@alex_circei I understand why you think its a great idea... But Github does not change things IMHO. We had CVS and tools to see about commits, and I was a co-founder of Collabnet where we launched Subversion. All had tools to measure lines of code by developer and "commits" atomic or otherwise. I think Dilbert unfortunately sums is up well http://dilbert.com/strip/2003-08-26 or http://dilbert.com/strip/1995-11-13 where the incentive for the developer changes (lines/commits/bugs) and that is where they focus, not good code.
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
@jmbarry We have a big responsibility to track a development team, and we've worked a lot for having good accuracy. I hope you will give us a try and tell us your feedback.
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
👋 Hey everyone! First of all, thanks @writerpollock for hunting Waydev! We're psyched to be here. I built my first online business back in 2007, and since then, I've created and launched tens of products. I've worked with developers all my entrepreneurial life, but all that time, I was frustrated not knowing why we were missing deadlines, why we were stuck, or why we were slacking off. 😞 I know that if you know a little bit about code, you can study the code, but if not, you are asking questions and following your intuition, and in most cases, you are dead wrong—you don't know anything 😣 Without real data, you can't take any decision. Fortunately, because most of the developers' works are in GIT, we've found the solution to tracking their activity. We've built Waydev, a tool with which you can track real data from your developers, without their input with the mission to help the community of non-technical entrepreneurs worldwide 🙌 Waydev brings everything you need to track your development team 📈 ✅An easy-to-understand overview of your developers’ work ✅A single metric to follow, week after week ✅Comprehensive deep analytics for each developer We’re integrated with Github and Bitbucket, and will integrate with Gitlab, Slack & Google Apps in the upcoming month. I’m hoping to get your feedback, questions, and ideas here 🙏🏼 PS: ❤️ We have a great deal for Product Hunt, too: Apply the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout to save 50% OFF.
Akis Laopodis@akislaopodis · Head of B2B Sales, 3x founder, VC funded
@writerpollock @alex_circei Really interesting concept. I've been a non-technical founder for years and that was always a pain.
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
@writerpollock @akislaopodis Hey Akis! Thank you! I hope, Waydev will help you to your problem.
Savelii Kovalenko@savelii · Marketing Manager, CleverPumpkin
It's really a pain to track development efficiency sometimes so I see a lot of potential in this product. Great work!
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
@savelii Thanks!
Vlad Calus@vladcalus · CMO at Planable
What an amazing product, I'll make sure to give it a try! 😍
Alex CirceiMaker@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
@vladcalus Thanks!