Git analytics tool for engineering managers

The fast & visual way to understand your engineers. Waydev analyze your codebase from Github, Gitlab & Bitbucket to help you bring out the best in your engineers work.

Check it out here --> https://app.waydev.co/register
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I've been talking to Alex and testing out the product over the last couple weeks. As someone who ends up on the business side more than the technical side, this is a great product to stay in the know quickly and easily.
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Thanks for the hunt, @writerpollock . It’s really exciting to open up Waydev to the world, and we can’t wait to hear stories about improved tracking and simplified workflows. We’re also letting you use Waydev free of charge for three months to celebrate our PH launch. I started Waydev because I believe keeping development on track does not need to involve spreadsheets and progress bars. As a non-techie, I was deeply unsatisfied with the options available to me as a business owner, so I decided to build a tool I could actually enjoy using. The way Waydev works is it grabs some advanced metrics from source control (not the actual source code, of course), and compiles them into an easy-to-read number we call the Wayrank. This simple number can tell you, at a glance, if your project is on track or if it’s time to start asking questions. For context, you can compare it to industry peers or to your own baseline. I feel that, by offering a way for people at all levels of tech-savviness to develop software products, we are opening up the industry to new perspectives. We’d love to know your thoughts! Try Waydev and tell us what you think.

think it's cool for both PMs and EngMngmt.


Imagine all velocity reports - explained


a bit weird to navigate

Thanks Cristian! We are doing our best to improve the onboarding process. Regarding the velocity, you can measure evolution over time via a metric we call “the impact”: how much your Wayrank has increased or decreased in the current time interval compared to the previous one.

A interesting product with nice design. Can you explain how is the Developer Wayrank different from the project Wayrank?


User friendly and useful.



Thanks Nicu! While the project Wayrank can tell you how the project is doing overall, the developer Wayrank gives you a more granular view, telling you how a particular area is doing, though the lens of how challenging it is for the developer working on it.
Hi Nicu and thanks. Technically the developer Wayrank is calculated separately based on each contributor's stats respectively, while the project Wayrank uses data from all its contributors.
Would love to know more, but getting "504 Gateway Time-out" on the website.
@tony_freed Sorry Tony, we are working on it. Please go directly on https://app.waydev.co
@tony_freed Done! You can check now!

A really good tool for those interested in code metrics


Easy to use, sexy metrics for non-techies


no cons