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Download any website from archive.org ‘wayback machine’

#4 Product of the DayApril 03, 2017
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Wayback machine downloader allows you to download the source code from archive.org ‘wayback machine’ snapshots to create PBNs, recover hacked websites, generate legal evidence, steal competitors content and more. Wayback machine downloader is a simple cloud based tool that is all available to anyone without downloading or configuring any software or tools. Download/clone the entire archive.org wayback machine snapshot to your hard drive in seconds. Download in just two simple steps Step 1 Go to archive.org and copy the URL of the wayback machine snapshot you want to download Step 2 Paste the URL into wayback machine downloader Important features All assets (HTML,css, javascript, images, etc) are converted into locally usable/accessible format instead of pointing to external domains. Archive.org bar is removed from each page by default. Links are converted to link internally instead of externally. I’m personally very excited about the ability to create PBNs from expired domains. We’ll be adding the option to download the wayback machine snapshot as a WordPress theme for even easier PBN creation (subscribe for updates on the website if this interests you). Here’s a quick 30 second explainer video:
Would love to hear your brutal and honest feedback and answer any questions that may arise here on PH or via onsite chat!
@harzzn I guess a Chrome extension would be nice for the power users!
@jevinsew great idea! And it's definitely something we are looking to implement in the near future
Is this like a GitHub for Wayback machine? It feels like I'm downloading from someone's repo
@dredurr yes kind of like Github, as we enable to download the full history of any website!
Nice trick for recreating old sites if you're making PBNs and want to keep them the same. Especially if you're fixing all of the internal links. I'll have to play with it some.
@sacbookreviewer hey Ross, thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what we are doing/aiming to do, so let me know if you run in to any issues! :)
@dkd903 @henrikharju @harzzn A browser bookmarklet would be very useful for this, while a command line app would also be a welcome addition to it.
@ishu3101 than you for the suggestion, we'll be sure to look in to power user tools in the near future!