Voxer meets TapTalk: the fastest way to say a lot

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@hutchins showed me a beta of Waved a few weeks ago. I like the Taptalk inspiration and speed. Ironically, IDEO released a very similar app shortly after that called ChitChat; however, I found Waved to be a lot more intuitive. cc @abramdawson
Agreed -- I really like Waved's UI and how simple and lightweight it is...the design and functionality fit well together. ChitChat feels a bit heavy IMO and it's not always clear what you're doing
Thanks @rrhover. We wanted indeed Waved to be so simple and frictionless that it almost becomes a no-interface communication tool.. an invisible door permanently opened between you and your friends!
@truchotbaptiste when I try to register with my Austrian phone number it says invalid number. Can send you the exact number via Twitter DM...
I've been playing with Waved for a little while now and I must say it's a really interesting product, neat and minimalistic with a near perfect instant record process.
@truchotbaptiste you guys did a great job on this last version of Waved. Congrats! It's so neat :D
@truchotbaptiste Great looking product, will definitely play around with it. One comment, the person's hand recording the video demo had some weird stuff going on with it :P Maybe I'm the only who saw that but may be worth revisiting.