Gmail, Trello, Slack, Outlook, in an all-in-one desktop app

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Thomas Beverley
@thomas_101 · Co-Founder & Software Dev, Stacktodo
Hello Product Hunters! We’re super excited to bring you Wavebox an entirely new, yet familiar way to use your favourite web communication tools in a neatly packaged app for faster smarter working. It retains the best web features that you’ve come to enjoy whilst adding great extras that you can’t get online. Wavebox brings all your online accounts together… See more
@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
Hey guys; been using WMail for a while now... I'll give this a shot but definitely don't want slack in with it, but I can maybe see using trello with it but still just interested in the multiple mail accounts... and it sounds like WMail won't be worked on anymore I'm assuming?
Andriy Vytvytskyi
@avytvytskyi · CEO of Mintance
Do you plan to integrate telegram and skype?