Watson for President

Elect IBM's Watson AI as POTUS 2016

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2016
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Andy Mauro
Andy Mauro@andymauro · CEO Automat.ai
Watson is all hype just like most of the candidates.
Farid el Nasire
Farid el Nasire@faridelnasire · Founder & Hacker
@andymauro We want AI so much, we're willing to create a NLP/image recognition API and call it AI. :P
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Guys, this is taking my whole "2016 is the year of #ConvComm" to the extreme... running an AI for president? OF COURSE IT GETS MY VOTE!
@chrismessina initially it will be chaos, while IA will study to manage gov, but than...
Hugh Durkin
Hugh Durkin@hughbeme · Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot
@chrismessina the Presibot cometh
⚠ Recon ⚠
⚠ Recon ⚠@reconcubed · The Cube
the beginning of the end. welcome your new robot overlords. praise watson
Dilyar Askar
Dilyar Askar@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
Okaaaaaaayyyy..... Now I am scared........ But yes, Watson is beyond surreal and amazing, but unless it's hip as Obama, my vote won't go to Watson ;) Besides, who will be first lady? Siri? Maybe not...
scott penton
scott penton@scottpenton · Web Designer - SEO
with the selection of candidates on both parties, I think Watson might be the best choice. Can we write it in? :)