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So, today I had to get rid of the long-dead lavenders (or Zombie Lavenders) that have been sitting in my living room for 2 months. They'll be joining a long list of plants that I couldn't take care of (correctly) for the past 5 years. If you're like me (aka, plant killer) you may want to get this app. Plus, the dev who made this app is really funny : take a look at the description of the app and the website :)
@syswarren Agreed. I think good copywriting with personality is so important for engaging with potential customers. Look at how both you and I immediately noticed the dev's sense of humor and found it pleasant.
@syswarren I'm definitely a plant murderer. But I think it's because I over-water. Maybe this app will help save my garden from my drowning enthusiasm :) Thanks for sharing
Nice and really useful! Thanks Julie ;)
Wow nice. It took killing a handful of plants until I learned to habitually water (and not overwater) my plants. This app will save (plant) lives.
I have killed a lot of plants I will have to admit. Just because simply I forget to water them, not enough light, etc. I just love that I don't need to research watering plants anymore.!
Maybe just me, but watering plants isn't necessarily a problem I have. Have I killed plants before from lack of water? Sure... not because I didn't know it though. The problem is laziness. So I guess the question is, is the app useful enough as a habit-forming way to get a little better about watering? Perhaps... I do think there is a big opportunity for a leader in the "garden" segment to emerge. A Houzz for gardening only, especially if it could take advantage of the arbitrage in the wholesale nursery business, where wholesale prices are much cheaper than retail prices...