Our app is now on the web. 14 watch news sites in one stream

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Love the tone of black and gold on the site. Watch fans are obsessed with this type of content. They spend hours. I know a couple watch addicts. will recommend!
@alexyoungkwon Thank you. We've seen the same in our data. Retention is through the roof and time in app is unlike anything I've seen.
@kevinrose @hemeon I know it's north's time to focus on Watchville, but would love to see more consumer products like Tiiny! Tiiny inspired me in a way to create oneminute (
Interesting to see these niche communities centered around not only products in general but based on specific types of products (in this case, watches). @kevinrose Do you plan on creating a sort of HackerNews style community around this niche or just a general watch news aggregator?
@hughjones77 if we can build out a decent audience on the web we'll definitely add community features. Baby steps tho, read-only for v1.
@kevinrose @hemeon Submit Watchville to WebMenu. A great way to reach more of a web based audience. Also make sure it gets verified.
Clean & simple :) What are the next features you will be adding to your mobile apps? Ps. I don't see a favicon on
@bitonbit whoops, good catch on the favicon. Fixing!
Very clean. What are your goals with the web version of Watchville?
@_ryangilbert We wanted it responsive (drag the window from large to very small) and to give our mobile users access to the same content they enjoy on the app. Long-term we have a much larger vision, the first step is providing a great news experience.
@kevinrose @hemeon Naturally, after posting on Product Hunt, you have some people suggesting that you add social voting; however, I would ask that you keep it the way it is for your core audience (true enthusiasts like myself). I use your site/app daily, and part of the brilliance is that you, a techy/watch lover, have curated the best watch blogs for me. From there, I can see the most popular posts among those selections. This content is exponentially more valuable than what is purely popular and misses very little that isn't worth missing. For example, the average price of watches on Watchville and Hodinkee are much higher than what you will see on /r/watches. Not that price always begets quality, but it's a decent indicator. Another example - the internet loves Seiko. But a lot of what they are doing, and have done (Quartz Crisis), is soulless watch making. All watch companies want to be profitable, but Seiko seems to focus their innovation on cutting costs and maximizing volume. They lack the design inspiration and beauty of their Swiss counterparts - and micro brands that utilize Miyota movements for that matter! Mechanical watches are classic works of artful engineering, and our generation needs (and wants) help discerning quality and style. Hence the growing popularity of vintage watches. Some would claim that I am a "watch snob," because I tend to prefer more expensive watches. But that statement is hypocritical because the premise is based on price. My top priorities are build quality and design. Ok, rant over. lol Again, love your product and use it daily to find watches for my site (which utilizes voting, but gives certain people more voting power than others).