watchOS 2

The new watchOS is here

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More like 1.5
@denull Where's my 3nder complication?
@ethan021021 Waiting for Watch OS 3 :P
Apps are so much faster now. Even 1st party apps. Tap on the weather complication and hardly ever get a loading circle. So nice!
@eric3000 Agree! Impressive but still there is plenty of loading and lagging that should not be acceptable by Apple's standards. Or at least by their previous standards for good performance.
@denull Hard to think back to performance of iPhone 1 but it was slow. Nice thing is that if you think the hardware is slow, this will only get better over time in new versions (even if Moore's law is slowing down). Now if you think they didn't nail the software, that's a different story and harder to determine if they ever got right. I do think there are some UI issues, but overall I love my watch.
@eric3000 True! Watch is amazing, but it seems to me that apple are A/B testing everything. My vision is that the watch should not have fully featured apps, it should focus on the Glances and Watch Faces. But seems like that Apple already focused on the apps.
As an iOS developer, this is a fantastic upgrade - it's a completely different ballgame compared to the "MVP" WatchKit we had previously. I haven't used this final version yet, but I expect battery life to suffer when more third-party apps are upgraded to WatchOS2 due to the apps actually running on the watch rather than on the phone - how much that happens in reality is yet to be seen.
@siburb Apps running native is only really useful if you can really use it native. Lots of features still rely heavily on an iPhone being around. Can't even run a timer in the background for my app because OS won't let me. Nor can I send out haptic feedback in background. Yet Apple allows its own apps to run in the background. I told them this was a little anti-competitive. I think a few are right referring to this as V1.5. Its not fully native and still lacks lots of features.
Nice Update :)