Track how long you've been away from home + your dog

Watchdog is a location-based timer that automatically keeps track of how long you've been away from home, and thus how long it's been since you let your dog go outside.

- Automatic Start and Stop with Location

- Set the Right Duration for Your Dog

- Optional notifications

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I'm a fan of "niche", very specific apps like this. What's the backstory to building this app, @pixelbleeder / @ryanconsidine?
@pixelbleeder @rrhoover In the startup world it's easy to get carried away at work. The idea came to me when I found myself wondering "Should I go to this happy hour? Or do I need to head home? How long I have I left the dogs?" I tried to do it with a stopwatch, but I often would forget to start it when I left the house. So the app starts the timer automatically when you leave your house. When you're out, you can quickly check the app to see how long it's been, or just have the app send a notification after a specified time.