Never lose money on AdWords again

We monitor the sites associated with your AdWords campaigns. When one of your sites goes down, we automatically pause the related campaigns and notify you. As soon as your site is back up, we resume your campaigns.

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Hey there, I'm Alix creator of WatchBear. I've met plenty of people who were really upset when they saw that when their site crashed for different reasons (overload, bad push, ...) they were still paying for Ads (they were already upset because their site crashed). Even though it's rare, when it happens it is usually at a really bad time and cost a lot of money directly (ads) and indirectly (loss of potential revenue, bad reputation). So I decided to create a service that would stop/resume automatically the campaigns based on the site status.
@alixtw ,The idea look great. Food for thought if you are planning to do corporate sales : a) Target recently funded companies. These companies are going to spend money on AdWords. Hence it will make sense for them to use your product. b) Target companies hiring for Google Adwords. Since they are hiring for this role, it means they are willing to spend money on AdWords that is why hiring for that role. c) Target companies spending money on Google Adwords.
@shreyaa_ratra Hey thanks for the feedback. Those are really great points, I will definitely look into that!
Great idea! Do you plan to have a simple API for sending a trigger or heartbeat?
@valerioneri of course, we plan on having one end point per domain/customer, and then something more complete to allow the users to better integrate it in their workflow.
@alixtw great, that's something everyone with a webshop should be looking at
@valerioneri They should πŸ™‚
Practical and useful. Nice work, @alixtw πŸ‘
Wow, that sounds very helpful, especially when you have 6 figure budgets! I would like to write an interview about WatchBear at at no cost at all - please fill the form on the website, or PM at