Watch People Code

Livestreams of people coding

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
And you thought watching people play video games was nerdy. 😄 But seriously, this is an interesting trends and makes me wonder how other activities (cooking, working out, gardening, etc.) might translate to this livestreaming format.
Matt Mazzeo
@mazzeo · Managing Director, Lowercase Capital
@rrhoover I've been tracking this trend actually... Lots of videos on YT of people doing normal everyday tasks (cleaning, organizing, etc.). Something oddly meditative about it.
Itamar O Kestenbaum
I am probably going to actually use this a lot. I find there's no better way to pick up new things than from pair coding.
Nick Carson
@skrypt · Founder @Pakible
I've been thinking about exactly this for the past couple months (if and when twitch coding would catch on). The main thing that worries me is the entertainment factor. Twitch gaming has worked thus far because regardless of educational value its still fun to watch.
Pierre Vannier
@pierre_vannier · Business Unit Manager @Klanik 🇫🇷
I love that idea. We could also think of a kind of Uber for pair programming thing... Find a fellow programmer anytime anywhere :-) stop coding alone.