Watch Net Speed

Simple, Realtime Network Bandwidth Monitor for your Mac.

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2019

Watch Net Speed is the best app to monitor real time internet bandwidth in the menu bar.

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Geez! That price though. I have apps and even games I have purchased that I absolutely love for much less. I will pass
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@ryanmtaylor Soon I will launch a 30 day trial period. If you like, you can upgrade at $2.99
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There are few other apps that does this. All the other apps does have extra features that I really do not want. I just wanted to monitor my internet bandwidth. That's it. All other apps does have weather, ram, disk, temperature etc monitoring. I really do not need them. Hence, I created Watch Net Speed out of frustration.
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@sandeep_acharya Not to diss your app, but I've been using this free, low-key version for some time now:
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It would be great if we get a free trial version.


It simple to use. Basically I had to do nothing. I installed and it works from there. Shows my network speed.


App size could be reduced.

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Thanks for reviewing Watch Net Speed. @subhashree_chakraborty I would try to reduce the app size more and will release a trial version.
I'd upvote if there was a trial version as well.
@hasan_diwan You can download the trial version from
$9 is a little hefty but looks super slick
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@marksnowdon It's now available at $2.99
Looks good! Will there be a version for windows?
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@are_social I would love to spend time to make this available on windows too.