Customer helpdesk via Whatsapp

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I would be very careful of creating a B2B entirely on WhatsApp. Clearly violating their terms and conditions since day 1. But I suppose WhatsApp is not taking enough attention to this, so while it lasts these kind of apps are perfect for business.
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@ompemi It seems down now (Feb.2016)
This product looks great. Haven't actually used it yet but if it works flawlessly then it is a killer. Although the pricing is sort of expensive. 50 euros per person per month is a lot. I'd be using it at 20 euros a month...
@shahab_21 I agree that the pricing model should be revamped.
Perfect moment to not start a WhatsApp Service. Located in germany, many WhatsApp Pubish-Services had to stop their service since WhatsApp is recognizing them as Spam. So many newspapers, media agencies and companies lose their leads...
I'm still waiting to see something like this that isn't so strictly "typed" (in this case to WhatsApp messages). Front, Intercom, and every other "shared inbox" app I've tried assumes too much about the data coming in and how it should go out. I just want a shared inbox tool with an API I can post messages into and Webhooks for when an action is taken. Taking Front as an example, they have an API & webhooks, but when you post in to it you have to specify a message type such as email or SMS which makes too many assumptions - that there will be a subject line or that Front should send replies out via a Twilio integration. If everyone above is correct, that this won't survive using the WhatsApp API, I'd encourage the makers to pivot towards something that is a bit more flexible and can be used for other messaging paradigms without being too tightly coupled to a platform or mode of communication.
Isn't this against their TOS?