Alert your users when they're getting hacked

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Warden helps makers to protect their users from hacks by monitoring their accounts in your apps for suspicious activity.

By integrating our snippet, Warden starts to learn about your users and automatically alerts them when we think something has gone wrong.

We also provide an embeddable security center, empowering users to protect themselves.


Ed Tewiah
  • Ed Tewiah
    Ed TewiahFounder at PropertyWebBuilder

    Super easy to use and solves a real problem


    Don't know of an alternative

    Security monitoring is hard and it looks like Warden have found a smart way to make it easy.

    Ed Tewiah has used this product for one week.


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Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Really pleased to present another product from my home city of Birmingham (UK)! Warden aims to be the Google Analytics of cybersecurity. As someone who works with a lot of tech startups, I know how difficult it is for teams with tight deadlines to think about security and I like how simple Warden is to implement - all you need to do is add a snippet 🙌
Amadeo Pellicce
Amadeo PellicceMaker@pellicceama · CEO & Founder at Warden.co
Awesome Hunters! Amadeo from the Warden team here. Thanks to the awesome @riaface for helping us! Warden aims to be the Google Analytics of account security 🙌. We can detect when your users are likely getting their accounts taken over, proactively alerting them for you. We also make all the info available via our API. This is actually my second product and startup. I previously co-founded Coinfloor (coinfloor.co.uk, UK’s largest Bitcoin Exchange) with the goal of building the infrastructure for people to get into crypto. It was there that I saw how difficult it is for non-technically savvy users to protect themselves on the web. We’re an army of 3 based in England. My teammates have a background in data science and enterprise app development. We soft-launched in July, integrated with a couple of customers and have recently joined the UK’s top #cyber accelerator. We’d love to get your feedback and I’m happy to answer questions throughout the day [1]! As a thank you, use coupon code “WARDEN-HUNTER” to receive 50% OFF for six months! 👋 [1] I have a couple of short meetings scheduled but other than that I’m on this all day