For those with an iPhone X, the Warby Parker iOS app has a new and VERY exciting feature for you to use: Virtual Try-On! You can now try on our eyeglasses using just the camera on your phone. Some people call it augmented reality, we call it “Whoa, this is so crazy. Can you believe how real it looks?!”
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Edison Espinosa
Edison Espinosa@edisonjoao6871 · Founder @ Foxie, & EJ
I thought this was already available
Hannah Zachritz
Hannah ZachritzMaker@hannah_zachritz · Product Manager @WarbyParker
@edisonjoao6871 we launched this on Feb 4
Kevin Reevers
Kevin Reevers@kreevers · Software Developer
King Children bests this in spades. Not only does it create the virtual frames, it builds it based off your photo. Great for those who don't fit WP frames.
Askar@askar · Chief Everything Officer, ARSHtec
Would really love an Android version too! I'm sure it'd save them time and cost to let more people use the virtual try on than to send those physical ones.